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Wisconsin State Hygiene Lab


Wisconsin Department of Facilities Development & Management (DFD) | Gregg Kauffman, Project Manager


Madison, Wisconsin


November 2020 – November 2021

KL Contact

Jacob Joyal, PE

Project Details

  • Site Lighting & Electrical Design
  • Photometric Modeling & Analysis
  • Site Evaluation & Field Review
  • Construction Oversight
  • Bid Packaging & Advertisement
  • LED Retrofit
  • Flood Lighting & Flag Illumination
  • Circuit Design & Cabling
  • Bollard Lighting

Site Lighting Design & Bidding Package

KL Engineering provided site lighting design and bidding package for the Wisconsin State Hygiene Lab in Madison, WI. The project consisted of replacing existing lighting fixtures within the parking lots on the campus of the Hygiene Lab and Agriculture building, as well as the loading dock and roadways between the two buildings. Work included all new underground infrastructure, which required provisions for re-establishing electrical service to the existing panels inside the building’s mechanical room. This project also included the replacement of existing floodlighting which illuminates the American flag in front of the Hygiene Lab.

An alternative analysis was provided to the client to determine the desired luminaire and pole materials to be used as replacements. In addition to the design and bid packaging, KL provided construction oversight for the electrical installations.

Wisconsin State Hygiene Lab [Photos]