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Darlington Historic Downtown (STH 23) Street Lighting


City of Darlington | Jeremy Williams, Director of Public Works


Lafayette County, Wisconsin


February 2018 – February 2021

KL Contact

Jacob Joyal, PE

Project Details

  • Decorative Lighting & Electrical Design
  • Globe Lighting Refurbishment
  • Lighting Alternatives Summary & Presentation
  • Design for Electrical Infrastructure within a Flood Zone
  • Structure-mounted Lighting
  • Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon Design (RRFBD)
  • Circuit & Cabling Design
  • Photometric Modeling & Analysis
  • Utility Coordination

Reconstruction of STH 23

KL Engineering completed the lighting design and plans for the nearly half-mile roadway reconstruction of historic downtown STH 23 (Main Street) in the City of Darlington, WI. The overall project was a reconstruction of the commercial Main Street district, which included extensive upgrades to the urban streetscape. This project was located near the Pecatonica River, that routinely floods several blocks into Main Street, and the design was required to include electrical infrastructure rated for submersible conditions.

Prior to reconstruction, the corridor had utility-mounted streetlights serviced by an overhead electrical system and old-fashioned globe lighting downtown. The City viewed the globe lighting as a signature installation and asked KL Engineering to provide a cost-benefit evaluation for the replacement or refurbishment of the globe lighting system. KL Engineering provided decorative lighting alternatives for the replaced overhead lighting and presented findings to City officials and stakeholders.

Darlington Historic Downtown (STH 23) Street Lighting [Photos]