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Company culture is important at KL Engineering because it helps to build a sense of community and collaboration among team members. Our core company values ensure our employees are satisfied and engaged in their jobs and are part of a supportive and stimulating work environment.

Below are videos of staff discussing ways KL Engineering helps them feel like valued members of our KL Family.

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Our people are our greatest assets

 –Ryan Schanhofer, PE | President

KL has a family and friend orientated mindset – even up through leadership. I quickly built personal relationships with my coworkers. Those friendships evolved into playing sports together, going out for a drink after work, or hanging out on the weekends. I definitely appreciate that about KL.
Cole Hernikl

Cole Hernikl

Infrastructure Services

I have a lot of fun at work. We take our work seriously, but we’re very serious about having fun while we do it. We genuinely like each other and care about what happens both in and outside of work.
Tiffany Ehlert

Tiffany Ehlert


One cool thing about KL is they let us branch off and work on projects for our community. We’ve done Kids Building Wisconsin nearly every year since it started, which is a weekend event to help engage the next generation of builders. I’ve also participated in Engineers Without Borders, helping design and ultimately build water facilities for our community in Guatemala. Having a company that encourages that and gets behind those extra projects is pretty cool.
Jesse Schreiner

Jesse Schreiner, PE

Construction Services

I value what KL stands for in terms of having a strong work-life balance. That’s something that’s always been communicated really well here. If I need to leave early for a doctor’s appointment or get sick or am moving, they’re willing to work with me to have flexible hours. It allows me to do the things I want to do and helps make sure I don’t burn out, so that I’m able to continue to be productive at work.
Jamie Dalheim

Jamie Dalheim, EIT

Infrastructure Services

I really enjoy the people I work with and I’ve worked with most of my immediate peers for now the better part of a decade. Work is work, usually stimulating, sometimes not, but always more fun due to the people around me. I help with our Adopt A Highway clean up each year and I attend the KL volleyball and softball games.
Matt Regnier

Matt Regnier, PE, PTOE, RSP1

Infrastructure Services

I know there are a lot of decisions [KL Management] can make that are in the best interest for the company. But they really try to make decisions for the best interests of the employees and their families, which I believe is appreciated by everyone here.
Travis Brush

Travis Brush, PE

Construction Services


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