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West Allis Street Lighting Conversion Project


City of West Allis Engineering Department | Peter Daniels, City Engineer


Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


April 2019 – Present

KL Contact

Jacob Joyal, PE

Project Details

  • Long-Term Circuit Conversion Plan
  • Alternatives Evaluation
  • Final Report & Presentation to West Allis Officials
  • Plans & Bidding Documents
  • Standard Specifications & Details for Electrical Infrastructure
  • Preliminary & Final Design
  • Lighting System Budget Model
  • 5-Year Budget Plan
  • Construction Inspection

KL Engineering was the prime consultant to the City of West Allis, WI for a planning study of a long-term City-wide street lighting conversion from high-voltage series circuitry to low-voltage parallel circuiting and LED retrofit. The study included phasing out a large inventory (nearly 10,000) of obsolete low-pressure sodium luminaires before production and supply of replacement lamps are no longer available.

The study was completed in 2019 and included extensive coordination with City staff, as well as the development of an inventory of lighting assets, modeling replacement scenarios, preparing budget and implementation strategies, and development of a technical report and presentation to elected officials.

Since the planning study was completed, the project transitioned into the design, bidding, and construction oversight for upgrading approximately 300 streetlights annually beginning in 2019 as part of a 20-year program of lighting conversion projects.

West Allis Street Lighting Conversion Project [Photos]