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Greenfield Powerline Trail


City of Greenfield | Jeff Katz, City Engineer


Greenfield, Wisconsin


January 2021 - Present

KL Contact

Samantha Herheim, PE

Project Details

  • Trail Design
  • WisDOT Non-Traditional Project
  • Extensive Utility Coordination
  • Public Outreach
  • Significant Alternative Analysis
  • Wetlands
  • Roadway Intersection Improvements
  • Utility Corridor
  • State & Local Permitting
  • Interagency Coordination

Phase One Complete for this Multi-modal Corridor

KL Engineering is working with the City of Greenfield, WI to design phase one of a major eats-west corridor that will add significant multi-modal connections throughout the southwest region. This 3-mile trail begins at the Oak Leaf Trail and follows West Cold Spring Drive east, then turns north and utilizes an existing We Energies Corridor to continue east to 60th Street. The design incorporates a 10-foot-wide asphalt trail throughout the project with new roadway crossings at 8 locations along the corridor. In addition, new curb and gutter and storm sewer will be designed along West Cold Spring Drive to create an urban roadway section and provide a terrace barrier between vehicular traffic and bicycle and pedestrian trail users. Utility coordination is a key point due to 18 different utility owners being present along the project. Early coordination and location identification allowed for the avoidance and minimization of utility conflicts with the project.

Greenfield Powerline Trail [Photos]