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CTH C Shared Use Path


Kenosha County | Clement Abongwa, Highway Commissioner


Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin | Kenosha County


March 2020 – July 2020

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Samantha Herheim, PE

WisDOT TAP and CMAQ grants provided a large portion of the design and construction funds.

  • WisDOT Non-Traditional Project Construction Oversight
  • Trail, Boardwalk & Bridge Inspection
  • Significant Storm Sewer Field Modifications
  • Materials Testing & Field Inspection
  • Multi-Jurisdiction Coordination
  • Federal, State & Local Permit Oversight
  • Public Involvement
  • Oversight of Added County Work & Added Roadway Work
  • Progress Meetings & Reporting
  • Significant Alternative Analysis
  • Pay Application & Contract Modification Processing

Shared Use Trail in Kenosha County

This 1.0-mile trail travels through 13 neighbors’ front yards and was built along the rural cross-section of CTH C. In addition to the standard 10-foot wide asphalt trail, the project includes a 175-foot clear-span pre-fabricated multi-use bridge and 300-foot of boardwalk approaches.

The trail also incorporated extensive public involvement with alternative alignments, tie-in with Pleasant Prairie’s future trail extension, significant utility coordination / relocation, a boardwalk within wetlands, and stormwater modifications.

Full roadway closure and alternative detouring was accomplished through strong interagency coordination and extensive public outreach. KL Engineering assisted in the collaboration between the contractor and utilities for project scheduling when it came to light that all the utility relocations had not occurred as per the utility agreements.

“I have been extremely impressed with KL Engineering performance and level of service on the CTH C trail project. The KL Engineering professionalism, proactiveness and high level of attention to details are the main reasons why the CTH C trail project is a high-quality product. KL Engineering knows what it takes to manage a complex project. KL Engineering customer service is exemplary. The County looks forward to working with KL Engineering on numerous projects in the future. What an awesome KL Engineering team!”

-Clement Abongwa | Highway Commissioner | Kenosha County

CTH C Shared Use Path [Photos]