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Elroy Sparta Trail Repair


Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD) | Ed Keasler DFD Project Manager


Elroy, Wisconsin


Norwalk to Elroy in Wisconsin


March 2018 – December 2021

KL Contact

Bill Biesmann, PE

Project Details

  • Structure Inspection
  • Structure Repair & Replacement
  • Flood Damage Remediation Efforts
  • Multi-use Trail Structure Replacement
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD)

Structure Inspections for Trail Structures

In 2018 as a result of heavy rains and flooding along the Elroy-Sparta Trail in Elroy, WI, several structures and trail segments were damaged and closed.

KL Engineering performed structure inspections for all 49 of the trail structures between Norwalk and Elroy. Each structure was visually inspected and evaluated for weight limits according to the various uses. A preliminary study was completed, which included cost estimates of repairs needed to re-open the trail. Damage caused by flooding was identified and categorized against other maintenance types of repairs. This was completed to secure funding from FEMA to cover costs for flood-related repairs.

The second phase of the project involved the development of repair and replacement structure plans. Structure repairs included items from adding riprap to reinforcing or replacing existing structural components up to full structure replacement. Two bridges were replaced with prefabricated steel pedestrian trusses.

This project was designed on an expedited schedule. Final plans were completed in the summer of 2020. Construction began in late fall of 2020 with final completion anticipated for summer 2021.

Construction Cost:  $1.4  million

Elroy Sparta Trail Repair [Photos]