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CTH PD (McKee Road) Corridor Redesign


City of Madison | Chris Petykowski, City Principal Engineer
Dane County | Pam Dunphy, County Deputy Commissioner


Madison, Wisconsin


Meriter Way to Maple Grove Drive (1.5 miles)


December 2014 – November 2016


2017 | $10.3 million

KL Contact

Aaron Steger, PE

2018 WisDOT Excellence in Design Award Finalist for Best Local Program Project – Consultant

  • Urban / Intersection Roadway Design
  • Multi-Modal Accommodations
  • Ice Age Path Overpass
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Utility Coordination
  • Public Involvement
  • Traffic Control & Construction Staging
  • Traffic Signal & Lighting Design
  • Local Infrastructure Improvements
  • WisDOT Local Program Project

2018 WisDOT Excellence in [Design Award] Finalist

The project involved reconstructing 1.5 miles of CTH PD from a 2-lane rural section to a 4-lane urban roadway in Madison, Wi with improved intersection geometrics to address safety concerns. The design included sidewalk, multi-use path, path bridge over CTH PD, bike lanes, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, lighting, traffic signals, traffic control plans, environmental document, Section 4f coordination, wetland tracking, project plat, public involvement, utility coordination and acquiring permits.

The Badger Mill Creek channel was enhanced to function as a stormwater treatment pond to increase the removal of suspended solids and control peak flows.

Challenges of the project included upgrading the profile to improve sight distance, providing adequate vertical clearance for the pedestrian bridge over CTH PD, and proactively coordinating utilities to determine utility impacts for high-voltage transmission poles and high-pressure gas lines. As a result, both facilities were provided sufficient time to develop relocation plans, acquire easements, and perform relocations before construction.

CTH PD (McKee Road) Corridor Redesign [Photos]