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Wilson State Nursery Entrance & Parking Lot


Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD) | Sally Shumaker, DFD Project Manager


Grant County, Wisconsin


City of Boscobel


December 2021


Summer 2022

KL Contact

Bill Biesmann, PE

Project Details

  • Survey
  • Parking Area Design
  • Pavement Design
  • DFD Policy & Procedure Standards
  • Drainage Design
  • Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD)

Recycled Asphalt Reused as Base Course Material

KL Engineering completed the design for the reconstruction of the access roadway and pavement within the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)’s Wilson Tree Nursery facility. There are separate buildings within the facility that accommodate processing of the harvested trees and packaging and delivery of the tree stock. There is also a maintenance garage for the Forest Fire Protection Unit and an administration building.

The project in volved pulverizing and reconstructing approximately 9,320 square yards of existing pavement. New pavement was placed on an existing gravel driveway leading to a maintenance shed. Geotechnical information was obtained to determine the existing pavement structure depths and condition of the subgrade. It was decided to pulverize the existing asphalt to recycle this material and reuse as base course material. Portions of the project required maintaining existing grades, while others required modification of the grades to provide better drainage within the facility. The parking area to the administration building was improved with sidewalk and ADA accommodations.

Project plans and specifications were completed in December 2021 and the project was constructed in Summer 2022.

Approximate Cost: $430,000

Wilson State Nursery Entrance & Parking Lot [Photos]