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VASD High School Infrastructure Improvements


Verona Area School District (VASD) | City of Verona | Eric Schulz, Assistant Public Works Director


Verona, Wisconsin


162 Acre Parcel


November 2018 - October 2020 – Design | July 2020 – Constructed

KL Contact

Chad Halverson, PE

Project Details

  • Field Survey
  • Preliminary & Final Structure Design
  • Single Span Prestressed Girder Bridge
  • Pedestrian Underpass for State Trail
  • Cast-in-place Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Lighting Design

Improvements to Verona High School Infrastructure

KL Engineering was responsible for the design and construction, observation of the structural elements, traffic signal, and street lighting evaluation along Main Street for this project in Verona, WI. The project features included:

  • Design of a structure for Stewart’s Woods Road over a tributary to the Badger Mill Creek.
  • Design of a structure for Wildcat Way over the Military Ridge State Trail.
  • Retrofitted the existing traffic signal for the West Verona Avenue and West End Circle intersection.
  • Designed a new traffic signal for the West Verona Avenue and Nine Mound Road intersection with decorative signal equipment.
  • Evaluated and designed the traffic signal infrastructure for the West End Circle and Connector Road B-B intersection, including future ADA-compliant sidewalk and crosswalk placement.
  • Provided a traffic signal communication system to allow for traffic progression and remote access to signal control equipment.
  • Created decorative corridor street lighting with a dimming system, pedestrian tunnel lighting, and a fiber optic communication system.
  • The project design was completed within an expedited schedule – the public infrastructure design was completed in under 6 months to meet the school’s opening date.

The developed design met the needs of the school district and the City of Verona and met Wisconsin Department of Transportation standards.

VASD High School Infrastructure Improvements [Photos]