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Connors Creek ATV Trail Bridge


Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD) | Sally Shumaker, DFD Project Manager


Sawyer County, Wisconsin


Flambeau River State Forest


April 2022


October 2022

KL Contact

Bill Biesmann, PE

Project Details

  • Structural Inspection & Rating
  • Timber Bridge with Helical Piles
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Trail Realignment & Improvements
  • Construction Observation
  • Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD)

Minimizing Costs for a Remote Bridge Rehabilitation

When a bridge inspection resulted in the trail bridge closure due to a failed abutment, KL Engineering was brought on board to provide an engineering solution. This trail is a very popular snowmobile route in the area. It was vital to local businesses and residents to repair and open the structure prior to the snowmobile season.

The original scope of the project was to rehabilitate the existing structure, perform structural ratings to verify capacity, and to improve the clearance under the bridge. KL Engineering provided a detailed bridge inspection and ratings and determined that the structure did not have the required load capacity. A prefabricated, panel laminated timber bridge with helical piles was selected as the preferred alternative. This structure type can be constructed with lightweight equipment. The remote bridge site is over one mile from the nearest roadway along one approach and over four miles from the other approach. Minimizing the need for large construction equipment was a consideration in the design to keep costs down.

KL Engineering worked closely with the DNR to mitigate environmental impacts to the streambed, wetlands, and wood turtles. This type of turtle is known to be in the area and is listed on the threatened and endangered species list. Hydrologic and hydraulic calculations were completed to determine that the new structure did not negatively impact the floodplain. KL Engineering coordinated with the contractor and DFD to develop solutions when unforeseen field conditions were encountered. In the end, the structure was complete and opened to the public in time for the snowmobile season.

The design was completed in April 2022 and construction completed by October 2022.

Construction Cost:  $180,000

Connors Creek ATV Trail Bridge [Photos]