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Tradewinds Package Delivery Lot


Newcomb Construction | Bret Newcomb, President


City of Madison, Wisconsin


April 2020 – Design | June 2020 – Constructed

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Bill Biesmann, PE

Project Details

  • Stormwater & Erosion Control Permitting
  • Expedited Design & Construction Schedule
  • City of Madison Site & Zoning Permitting
  • Stormwater Management Facility Design
  • Site Design Plan & Specification Preparation
  • Surveying & Construction Stakeout
  • Landscape Design

Design and Permitting on an Expedited Schedule

KL Engineering completed the site and landscape design, as well as the erosion control and stormwater management permitting, for a package delivery auxiliary parking facility in the City of Madison.

The project included the construction of a parking lot facility on 2.3 acres, which included 50 parking stalls, 31 box truck stalls, and 5 trailer truck stalls. No building or other structures were constructed as part of this project. Vegetated bioswales and dry bottom detention basins were the proposed stormwater treatment techniques for impervious areas including the parking lot and driveways.

Challenging aspects of the project:

  • The design and permitting were successfully expedited through the City of Madison channels to meet required deadlines, all while COVID-19 restrictions were in place.
  • Effective coordination with the City of Madison Zoning Department helped avoid the need for conditional use approval.
  • An efficient site plan, which utilized a “green” area in the center of the parking lot to collect stormwater runoff and help with stormwater treatment, minimized the need for storm sewers and the real estate required.
  • Consistent communication and coordination with the contractor during construction were needed to modify the grades and limit the import of materials, which saved money for the property owner.
“KL Engineering did a great job navigating through the complicated approval process and kept us on schedule for a spring start. They listened to feedback from our site contractor and accommodated suggestions made by the field which ultimately saved us money. They are easy to work with and I look forward to partnering on future projects”.

~Bret Newcomb, President Newcomb Construction Company, Inc.

Tradewinds Package Delivery Lot [Photos]