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National Park & Recreation Month – Jefferson Interurban Trail

Graphic includes an image of a bridge with the sun in the background, as well as the icon for national park and recreation month with the hashtags "#whereyoubelong, #ParkandRecMonth24"

The Jefferson Interurban Trail project is a 5-mile trail that will connect Watertown to Oconomowoc, following the historic former Interurban Rail Line. KL Engineering was thrilled to assist Jefferson County on the second phase of a transformative trail project, as well as continuing work on the trail this summer.

In the current phase and beyond, our designers and engineers made it a priority to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Our design meets WisDOT and ADA standards while navigating challenging terrain and utility routes. This required tremendous coordination with multiple stakeholders. We’ve worked closely with WE Energies, as well as our stakeholders and community members to ensure minimal impact on wetlands and existing agricultural crossings. We can’t wait until The Jefferson Interurban Trail can be #WhereYouBelong!

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