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Urban Reconstruction East Washington Avenue, Madison

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KL Engineering was the consultant for the redesign of East Washington Avenue (USH 51) from Thornton Avenue to Third Street, and First Street (STH 113) from Winnebago Street to East Johnson Street in the City of Madison.

The East Washington Avenue project was the recipient of the 2008 WisDOT Excellence in Highway Design Award for Best Urban project.

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Project design responsibilities included utility coordination, storm sewer design, profile and cross slope adjustments to match existing driveway profiles and correct substandard vertical curves over the Yahara River Bridge. The project also included

  • design of the East Washington Avenue/First Street intersection
  • design of the Yahara River Parkway bike and pedestrian paths
  • adding bicycle lanes
  • design of retaining walls at the Yahara River Bridge
  • a detailed traffic control staging plan in order to keep two lanes of traffic open on East Washington Avenue during construction.

Extensive coordination with City of Madison officials, neighborhood organizations, businesses and the public was used to develop all aspects of the design including typical sections, intersection geometrics, access, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, the Yahara River Bridge and Yahara River Parkway bicycle and pedestrian paths.

KL Engineering completed design and plans development, public involvement, railroad and utility coordination, and PS&E submittal. This $12.1 million project was constructed in 2007.

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