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Curb Ramp Design Project Milestone

Graphic showing the details of the new curb ramp plans along with WisDOT logo, 'Northwest Region Preliminary Plans for 400 Curb Ramps', and 'Congratulations!' text with a little icon of a person at the top of a mountain celebrating.

This month KL Engineering passed a significant milestone by delivering preliminary plans to WisDOT’s Northwest Region for its major curb ramp project in the City of Eau Claire and surrounding areas. KL’s team of Kaylee Simon, Andy Simon, and Jason Voelker dedicated countless hours to meticulously designing nearly 400 curb ramps primarily along USH 12, STH 93, and STH 312. Joshua Melby provided organized oversight and guidance as project manager and is now applying these same skills to deliver preliminary plans for approximately 450 curb ramps in WisDOT’s Northeast Region. Congratulations team on your committed and diligent work!

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Celebrating Staff