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FHR Traffic Improvements

FHR Traffic Improvements

Our Fish Hatchery Road project update for this week focuses on traffic improvements. Here we see the new intersection with traffic signal at Ochalla Drive and redevelopment of the corridor with the new UW Credit Union building. Turn lanes were added and extended, the bus lane from McKee Road to Caddis Bend was extended, and traffic signal timing was improved. We extend our gratitude to City of Fitchburg staff, alders, and committee members for their hard work on bringing these improvements to fruition!

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Graphic with 3 photos - an aerial of the interchange area before the project on top, an aerial of the finished interchange in the middle, and a photo of 6 members of the design team on the bottom, standing in the pedestrian section of the finished interchange.

Transportation Projects

Photo of Katie in her cap and gown at top and photo at KL on the bottom with KL logo, Congratulations and Welcome text, and star design on orange background.
Photos from visit of the trailer showcasing lighting products inside, our staff and our visitors posed in front of the trailer, and the outside of the trailer with Lumca and KL logos on a dark gray background.

Lighting Projects