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Site Development Madison Metro Transfer Points

North Transfer point

KL Engineering was the prime consultant for the design and construction of four bus transfer points located throughout the City of Madison. The bus transfer point facilities were part of the redesign of the bus routing system in Madison. The North Transfer Point included the design of a Park and Ride facility.

In 2000 KL Engineering received the Wisconsin Association of Consulting Engineers’ Engineering Excellence Award for the design and construction management of the Madison Metro Transfer Point Facilities.

KL Engineering’s scope of work included site layout, utility coordination, coordination of the architectural and landscaping plans, preparation of site plans, storm sewer design, public involvement, environmental documentation, specifications, and bidding documents. KL Engineering was also responsible for the bid letting and construction inspection of the four separate bus transfer points. This project involved extensive coordination between the City Departments of traffic engineering, civil engineering, planning, real estate, and Madison Metro.

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