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Quilt Block Wind Maintenance Facility

Type:Site Development
Client:MBA Construction
KL’s Role:Prime Consultant
Location:Lafayette County, Wisconsin
Design Complete:June 2017
Construction Complete:December 2017
Construction Cost:NA

Engineering Elements

  • Erosion Control & Stormwater Permitting – including Preparation of a SWAPPP
  • Coordination with State & Local Officials
  • Site Design & Specification Plan Preparation
  • Surveying & Construction Stakeout

KL Engineering completed the site design and survey for development of a maintenance facility that services the Quilt Block Wind site in the Darlington Industrial Park. The site was undeveloped with significant topographic relief.


Project Challenges

Project challenges included:

  • Determining the floor elevation of the building to minimize and balance excavation
  • Locating and designing functional driveways for passenger and maintenance vehicles
  • Development of a parking lot layout that met the facility needs
  • Minimizing ground disturbance and developing a drainage plan that met the stormwater requirements for the site


Project Tasks

KL Engineering performed the following tasks:

  • Topographical and utility survey of the proposed site including staking of the building corners and specific site details for construction.
  • Preparation of a site plan for a vehicle maintenance building, parking lots, loading dock and driveway connections
  • Design tasks included grading, drainage, stormwater control and erosion control plans
  • Preparation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the site adhering to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) requirements
  • Completion of a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) for the site according to State of Wisconsin requirements
  • Coordination of soil boring operations and implemented recommendations of the geotechnical report
  • Coordination with the City of Darlington for completion and approval of the site plan and permits
  • Coordination with the owner in Colorado and prime contractor in Texas were important to the success of the project, which was completed on compressed schedule

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Graphic with 3 photos - an aerial of the interchange area before the project on top, an aerial of the finished interchange in the middle, and a photo of 6 members of the design team on the bottom, standing in the pedestrian section of the finished interchange.

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