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KL Engineers Witness Innovative Tilt-Up Panel Pour

Two men and one woman, all wearing hard hats and safety vests, talking. In the background is a construction crane and cement work activities. KL Engineering logo.

KL Engineering design engineers, Andy Simon and Arielle Lewein (aka “the A-Team”), had the pleasure of visiting the Everlight Solar corporate headquarters site in Verona, WI, recently to witness a concrete tilt-up panel pour by Newcomb Construction. The field visit provided valuable insights to KL’s designers involved with the site’s engineering design.

Newcomb Construction is an award-winning builder that specializes in concrete tilt-up construction. They have worked with KL’s site design team as a client multiple times. Tilt-up construction is an efficient and cost-effective method for creating concrete panel structures. It involves pouring the panels on the floor slab and then tilting them into position. This approach saves money by eliminating the need to transport the panels to the site. It also allows for flexibility in panel sizes and enables customization with aesthetic features like brick inlays and reveals that can be cast directly within the panel on-site.

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