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Dunn Property

1_Dunn_WPP_Aerial View


Type:Site Planning & 

Stormwater Management

Client:Phil Sveum

Coldwell Banker Success

KL’s Role:Prime Consultant
Location:City of Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Limits:North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood
Length:19 Acres
Design Complete:October 2018
Construction Complete:NA
Construction Cost:NA

Engineering Elements

  • Amendment to Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)
  • Regional Planning with Capital Area Regional Plan Commission (CARPC)
  • Change in Environmental Corridor
  • Stormwater Management Plan

Site Planning & Stormwater Management

KL Engineering completed site planning and stormwater management for the Dunn Property on the west side of Seminole Highway in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Subzero Parkway, a newly constructed roadway, divides the Dunn Property into two lots. A Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and associated amendments established the framework for residential (single family and multi‐family) and industrial‐commercial development for the 95‐acre project area located near the northeast and northwest quadrants of the Lacy Road / Seminole Highway intersection, all within the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood and associated neighborhood plan.

KL Engineering created the third amendment to the CDP, seeking approval of a 2 lot Certified Survey Map (CSM) for the area to the west of Seminole Highway, on either side of the newly constructed Sub-Zero Parkway. Sub-Zero Parkway was also designed by KL Engineering. The CDP amendment discussed differences in the proposed development with the approved CDP and addressed City staff concerns. The CDP was approved by the City Common Council and allowed for the CSM to be recorded.

3_Dunn_WPP_Lots Overview

Project Challenges

Project challenges included the following:

  • The documentation and approvals were done on an expedited schedule to allow development to occur on schedule.
  • Comprehensive coordination with multiple City staff and departments was required to address all concerns and allow for approval to occur.
  • Coordination with CARPC was essential to complete the environmental corridor change.
  • Develop a Stormwater Management Plan that meets county and city standards, while accommodating for future development of the property.


KL Engineering utilized past project experience with this property and established relationships with the City of Fitchburg to efficiently work through the necessary requirements to reach approval of the development plans. The final product resulted in meeting the owner’s desired schedule and achieved entitlement, which allowed for development to proceed. The land is currently fully developed with three successful local businesses.

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