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National Bike To Work Day

National Bike To Work Day

We celebrate communities like City of Fitchburg that provide safe bicycle and pedestrian accommodations for the traveling public. Watch our bridge build in action (below). Providing [A] Better Experience for your next ride! Happy #NationalBikeToWorkDay everyone!

Fish Hatchery Road was named after a 150-year-old fish hatchery located to the east that is supplied by natural springs that flow from the project area. Great care was taken to create a bicycle and pedestrian bridge crossing that allows travelers to safely cross the Nine Springs Creek, while not disturbing the underground springs and waterways. To avoid impacts during construction, groundwater monitoring wells were installed and alternative backfill materials were required to protect groundwater supporting the hatchery.

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3 photo graphic of the team posed, casual on the field, and Coach Steger posed with this two sons.

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