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Lacy Road – Completed Project Update

Photo collage of 4 staff mentioned in post at the ribbon cutting with other photos from the event.

KL Engineering helped design and prepare the plans for the redevelopment of Lacy Road in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. This great project transformed a deteriorated rural highway with 50 mph speeds. Where once you saw ditches, you now see bike lanes and a path, along with stormwater ponds that clean and manage runoff. It used to feel like a rollercoaster ride and now has lower speeds, safer curves, better visibility, newer intersections, and improved mobility and access. The new roundabout at Seminole Highway helps manage growth and development along the corridor. It calms traffic and allows safer passage for people on foot and bike, but is also designed to handle trucks now and into the future. It was rewarding for KL’s design team members (Brian St. Vincent, Mike Scarmon, Dan Ryan, and Natalie McCraw) to attend the ribbon cutting a few months ago and see their hard work and energy turn out so well. The success of this project was due to the expertise and guidance of City of Fitchburg staff, input from state and regional agencies, and all the other stakeholders in this great neighborhood. It was truly a team effort!

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Celebrating Staff

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Celebrating Staff