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Monona Terrace Site Inspection

Top photo shows two men dressed in safety gear on top of a scissor lift in the middle of the street. Bottom photo shows same men on the lift while it's fully extended up to the top of the tunnel, under the Monona Terrace parking structure.

KL Engineering recently facilitated a site inspection beneath the Monona Terrace parking structure, which is positioned over John Nolen Drive, in the City of Madison, WI. KL’s Josh Wilber (top photo on left) went above and beyond in his evaluation of soon-to-be-upgraded lighting systems. Shive-Hattery, in partnership with Walker Consultants, inspected structural concrete throughout the tunnel. The inspection was a highly orchestrated effort done under challenging circumstances – yet completed safely with time to spare – thanks to the great folks involved.  Wisconsin DOA, Mega Rentals

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