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West Bend Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

The graphic incliudes two parking lot photos that have electrical vehicle chargers, as well as the City of West Bend logo with text that reads, "electrical vehicle (ev) charging for west bend."

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with our community partners, but especially when we get to modernize their electrical technology. We have recently been involved in electrical design for both the Main St and Vine St parking lot reconstruction projects in The City of West Bend. Each installation included electrical infrastructure for two EV pedestals with charging capacity for up to four vehicles. EV charging infrastructure was carefully coordinated with WE Energies to take full advantage of their pilot program, which will provide reimbursement for the construction cost of the electrical service. Keep an eye out for our presentation at upcoming conferences, where we will be discussing Implementation of EV Charging in Municipalities and including a case study from this project.

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