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Lower Yahara River Trail Phase 2 – April Update

Graphic of photos from the project with the boardwalk in place and the railing being added.

KL Engineering provided the design and construction oversight of the Lower Yahara River Trail Phase 2 and Fish Camp County Park improvements. There are 3 segments of boardwalk, totaling 4,212 feet, in this 1.6-mile trail. Last month we saw the 450+ helical piles installed to support the new boardwalk, and now we see the boardwalk planks in place. The railing is currently being installed in segments to create smooth transitions on the radius of the boardwalk. The contractor will then go back and fill the gaps, ensuring that everything is level and plumb. We can’t wait to invite the public to experience the improvements this fall!  To view a moving graphic of this post, click the link.

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