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United Way Seasons of Caring | Ice Age Trail Restoration

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United Way of Dane County Seasons of Caring Event

A group of KL staff volunteered for the 2018 United Way of Dane County Seasons of Caring event, restoring the oak savanna along the Ice Age Trail. Aerial photography of the region from the 1930s revealed open fields with occasional oak trees along this portion of the Ice Age Trail.

Since that time, the oak savannas have been largely over taken by invasive species of brush and trees. KL volunteers assisted in clearing a two-acre portion of the oak savanna of these invasive species, in an effort to restore it to its prevailing landscape following the receding of the glaciers thousands of years ago.

Many thanks to Brad Domasky, Brad Halvensleben, Dan Ryan, Kyle Thompson, Matt Regnier, Joshua Melby, and Josh Mercier for their efforts!

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