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Safety and Traffic Flow Improvements Ahead for USH 12

KL Engineering has recently been awarded the contract for the improvements proposed to US Highway 12 (USH 12) in northwestern Wisconsin.  This project, located in St. Croix County begins near the village of Roberts, terminates east of Baldwin, and travels through the village of Hammond.  This 9 mile project is a mix of both urban and rural roadway reconditioning, resurfacing, and spot reconstruction.  KL Engineering will be closely investigating the condition and functionality of the existing roadway to determine the cost-effect updates to be made to improve safety and traffic flow.  In addition, KL Engineering will be evaluating and recommending improvements for approximately 15 curb ramps in order to upgrade these facilities to current WisDOT standards and meet ADA guidelines.  Also, as part of this project, KL Engineering is providing structural design services for the replacement of a concrete box culvert.

The project is scheduled to be constructed in 2021.

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