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Rural Reconstruction – STH 31, Racine County

a divided highway

KL Engineering completed the design of this two-mile segment of STH 31 in Racine County, which expanded STH 31 from a two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane roadway. Four design alternatives were evaluated and presented to the public. The selected alternative constructed two southbound travel lanes of the four-lane alternative. The two lanes were designed to accommodate the future expansion to a four-lane roadway.

For its design of the STH 31 project, KL Engineering was the 2008 WisDOT Excellence in Highway Design Award Winner for Best Rural Design.

The project involved close coordination with WisDOT, Racine County, the Town of Caledonia, Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and local residents. Three Public Information Meetings were held prior to selection of an alternative. The project included avoidance of a cemetery and a National Register of Historic Places site, drainage design improvements, design of transitional roadway section through this developing area to minimize right-of-way impacts, utility coordination to avoid high pressure gas mains, and upgrading the Four Mile Road intersection to meet current standards.

KL Engineering completed the project design in two phases and completed the Section 106 process, Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI)for the ultimate four-lane section, 404 permit, pavement design, storm sewer design and drainage design, retaining walls design, channel relocation design, and utility coordination. Successful completion of the first phase of the project led to WisDOT selecting KL to complete the final design. Construction of this $4.9 million project was completed in 2007.

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Graphic with 3 photos - an aerial of the interchange area before the project on top, an aerial of the finished interchange in the middle, and a photo of 6 members of the design team on the bottom, standing in the pedestrian section of the finished interchange.

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Photos from visit of the trailer showcasing lighting products inside, our staff and our visitors posed in front of the trailer, and the outside of the trailer with Lumca and KL logos on a dark gray background.

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