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Lighting the Way to Increased Efficiency

Lighting the Way to Increased Efficiency

KL’s Mike Scarmon and WisDOT’s Ahmet Demirbilek presented at the ITS Midwest Conference in Chicago last week. Their presentation focused on statewide LED retrofit projects at WisDOT’s Bureau of Traffic Operations (BTO), aimed at modernizing and updating the State’s roadway lighting systems.

The Department is on track toward a goal of upgrading to 75% of the DOT’s 21,000 (approximately) roadway lights to a modern LED standard.  Upgrading the State’s roadway lighting to LED will result in significant reductions in energy use, less required maintenance, and lower cost infrastructure requirements.  

Other ongoing BTO projects include: evaluating the benefits/costs of lighting control systems, statewide Focus on Energy rebate program, establishing new luminaire equipment specifications, and reviewing the impacts of a 4K color temperature standard.  The presentation will provide more examples of how BTO is keeping pace with rapidly emerging technology of LED roadway lighting.

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