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LED Retrofit Project Wins More Awards

LED Retrofit Project Wins More Awards

The WisDOT Statewide LED Overhead Lighting Retrofit Implementation Project was recently honored with a National Electrical Contractors Association Project Excellence Award. MP Systems was the electrical contractor who won the award for their work on the project.

KL Engineering was responsible for the project development, teaming with WisDOT to devise a plan to implement the conversion, or retrofitting, of lighting fixtures across Wisconsin. Rather than trying to develop a retrofitting solution based on the outdated standards, the project team analyzed the specification standards themselves in search of new energy efficiencies and cost savings.

By transitioning to LED fixtures, WisDOT’s annual energy consumption will be reduced by 9,475,000 kilowatt hours – a nearly 50% reduction in energy usage per year. That translates to annual savings of $1,184,700 in direct energy costs across the state.

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