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Jefferson Interurban Trail

Jefferson Interurban Trail
Type:Parks, Trails & Recreation – Design
Client:Jefferson County
KL’s Role:Prime Consultant
Location:Jefferson County, Wisconsin
Limits:River Road to CTH F
Length:5 miles
Design Complete:November 2021 [Anticipated]
Construction Complete:August 2022 [Anticipated]
Construction Cost:$2.26 Million [Estimated]

Project Elements

  • Trail Design
  • WisDOT Non-Traditional Project
  • Structure Inspection
  • Extensive Utility Coordination
  • Significant Alternative Analysis
  • Wetlands
  • Interagency Coordination
  • State & Local Permitting
  • Extensive Public Involvement
  • Utility Corridor & WeEnergies License Agreement
  • Roadway Intersection Improvements
  • Local Permitting
  • Local Let

KL Engineering is working with Jefferson County to design the second phase of the overall corridor, which will eventually connect Watertown to Oconomowoc.

The 5-mile trail is within the former Interurban Rail Line, which now serves as a major WeEnergies / ATC utility corridor and includes ATC H-poles with 14-foot clear widths spanning the entire project area. The partnership with We Energies also involves tremendous coordination with the property owners and the utility to review the major drainage structures on the corridor and the many existing agricultural crossings.

Steep running grades and side slopes along the utility access route have led to extensive coordination to design an alignment that avoids conflicts with utilities, while also maintaining WisDOT and ADA standards. The majority of the wetlands that surround the corridor have been avoided through taking the alignment off-center line. Additionally, an artificial wetland exemption permit was submitted and approved, which also decreased the wetland impacts.

KL Engineering worked collaboratively with WeEnergies and Jefferson County in the development of separate construction plans to replace culverts on the trail. Culvert replacement will take place ahead of a large-scale ATC line improvements project, planned throughout the entire corridor for late summer 2021.

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