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Failing Is Learning

Failing Is Learning

One thing that I’ve come to embrace is the idea of failing, says Scott Cramer, KL’s COO on a recent podcast. There’s a huge difference between failure and failing. Failure is abject, it’s done, there’s no looking back. And failing is learning. That’s something that I try to offer to our employees. Failing is ok. It’s not about Wins and Losses – it’s Wins and Learns. Let’s learn something together.

Many thanks to Bruce Holoubek, President of Contracted Leadership, for hosting this 10/30/18 pod cast as part of his #TheDevelopmentExponent series. To learn more visit: https://contractedleadership.com/meaningful-work-matters-for-you-and-for-your-team-with-scott-cramer-ep-5/

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