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Welcome, Kim Tollers!

Photo of Kim Tollers in a circle frame with ‘Welcome to KL Engineering’ and her name on a decorative background in grays and blues.

We are excited to welcome Kim Tollers to KL Engineering! Kim was a Program and Policy Analyst with WisDOT for 28 years, where she was a WisDOT property manager for State owned railroad corridors in Wisconsin. She has a deep working knowledge of railroad abandonments, railroad real estate law and history, rails-to-trails planning, rail asset management, and rail safety projects and issues. She has worked closely with an array of Federal and State government agencies, Class 1 railroads and short lines, and employs a technical skill set in railroads including GIS applications, permitting processes, data analysis, and highway project development. She will be helping support KL’s various projects when there are railroad considerations. Welcome to the team, Kim!

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