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Thank You, Traffic Counters!

Photos of the four gentlemen mentioned in the post on a gray background with ‘Thank you for your help this summer!’ text and KL Engineering logo.

Our summer traffic counting has come to a close. Many thanks to Tim, Riley, Joshua, and Matt who are now headed back to school. Tim Oeum is a Physics and Engineering student at UW-River Falls and Riley Hartmann is an Engineering Technician student at UW-Stout. They both preformed data collection around Menomonie, WI. Joshua Becker, a Civil Engineering student at UW-Platteville, spent his time collecting data in Chetek, WI. Matt Cramer’s time was focused on counties and communities surrounding Dane County. He is returning to Northern Michigan University for his second year. We appreciate all your hard work and wish you a wonderful year at school!

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