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Paula Lindquist – 30 Years at KL!

Paula Lindquist – 30 Years at KL!

We celebrate Paula Lindquist on her 30-year anniversary at KL Engineering! Paula was KL’s first employee and now serves as our Administrative Project Leader in the Operations department of our Madison headquarters. Paula loves the people and opportunities at KL, as she says: I am grateful for the opportunity I was given many years ago, and all those opportunities that have been provided throughout my years with KL Engineering. I thoroughly enjoy what I do every day and all those that I am fortunate enough to work with. I have learned many things over the years from my supervisors and co-workers and appreciate them and the things we get to do every day. We’re glad you’re a part of our KL Family, Paula!

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3 photo graphic of the team posed, casual on the field, and Coach Steger posed with this two sons.

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