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2023 National Roundabout Week

Headshots of Mike Scarmon (QRD Level 3), Matt Regnier (QRD Level 2), Brad Domasky (QRD Level 1), and Kyle Thompson (QRD Level 1) overlayed with a roundabout graphic with KL Engineering logo in the center and 'National Roundabout Week 2023' title curved around the roundabout graphic.

HAPPY ROUNDABOUT WEEK, FELLOW ROAD ENTHUSIASTS! We’re absolutely thrilled to have not one, but FOUR qualified roundabout designers on our dream team! Join us every day this week as we shine a spotlight on each of these talented designers and their all-time favorite roundabout projects. Did you know? KL Engineering has designed over 100 roundabouts across the great state of Wisconsin!

Roundabouts are more than just traffic circles – they’re a game-changer! They boost safety, keep traffic flowing smoothly, reduce emissions, and even add a touch of natural beauty to our roadways. Let’s celebrate the magic of circular intersections!

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