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Safety Improvements

Safety Improvements

The Fish Hatchery and McKee Road intersection was notorious for being a tricky intersection to cross. Motor traffic would regularly disregard the protected right turn signage, creating safety conflicts with pedestrians and cyclists. KL’s redesign separated the southbound right turns and provided a pedestrian refuge island on which to safely wait before crossing the remaining lanes.

The redesign also focused on turning movements and access points along the 1.5 mile project, which included 8 intersections and 41 private driveways. Median openings were reduced to help improve flow and reduce conflict points. A mid-block dual left turn lane was designed at essential spots to provide left turning vehicles safe storage and refuge.

These are just a few of the safety improvements made on this 2022 APWA Wisconsin Project of the Year in the City of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Stay tuned for more details as our series continues.  

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