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This 1.5-mile gateway corridor to the City of Fitchburg required the replacement of 2,000 feet of deteriorating retaining walls. Architectural details and decorative safety rails were incorporated to improve grades, drainage, safety, and provided aesthetic continuity throughout the corridor. Today, the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Nine Springs Creek allows for safe passage for the community traveling above and the wildlife traveling below. Special measures were taken to ensure the waterways feeding the fish hatchery weren’t affected by construction. Careful planning was required for so many aspects of this project. It is gratifying for the KL team to see how their efforts paid off! Thank you ASCE Wisconsin for honoring this project with a 2022 Engineering Achievement Award!

As one of the first full design projects of my career, it was a joy to have the site so close to our office and my home. My favorite part of the North Fish Hatchery Road project is the 10-ft tall retaining wall that sports the City of Fitchburg medallion! I drive this route quite often and seeing the finished corridor brings a smile to my face, knowing all the effort our team put into it.” ~Cole Hernikl | Structural Engineer

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