KL Engineering Featured in WTS Sponsor Spotlight

KL Engineering is being featured in the WTS Wisconsin Sponsor Spotlight!

20% of KL Engineering is made up of women, including 9% of our engineers.

“I have been an active member of WTS in Wisconsin since its formation and have found great value and satisfaction in working with the transportation industry in Wisconsin to promote all types of careers for women. I have attendd the National conference and found it to be a real inspiration and motivation to see what can be accomplished by women in our industry. I encourage our members to take advantage of our local events, as well as the National and leadership events. It is great to hear how others across the country are promoting and supporting women in their careers.”

– Kim M. Lobdell, PE | President | KL Engineering, Inc.

Check out the full article on their website: http://www.wtsinternational.org/wisconsin/ 

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