Monthly Archives: July 2018

StormTrap Educates Staff on System’s Capabilities

Matt Kamenick from StormTrap joined us this week for an interesting educational session on StormTrap’s underground stormwater detention/retention systems  – an underground wet pond combined with a live storage component to meet quality and quantity regulations. We also learned about sand filtration and infiltration designs, and how the StormTrap system can be installed in areas […]

Steger Drops Knowledge During University Avenue Case Study

Aaron Steger, PE, KL Engineering’s Vice President of Engineering Services and Business Development, and Yang Tao, PhD, PE, City of Madison Engineer, presented at the 12th National Access Management Conference at the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus. This annual event, held by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies, explores the relationship […]

Safety and Traffic Flow Improvements Ahead for USH 12

KL Engineering has recently been awarded the contract for the improvements proposed to US Highway 12 (USH 12) in northwestern Wisconsin.  This project, located in St. Croix County begins near the village of Roberts, terminates east of Baldwin, and travels through the village of Hammond.  This 9 mile project is a mix of both urban […]