VASD High School Infrastructure Improvements

Lighting & Electrical Design | Structures | Construction Management

KL Engineering was responsible for the design and construction observation of the structural elements, traffic signal and street lighting evaluation along Main Street for this project.  

  • Design of a structure for Stewart’s Woods Road over a tributary to the Badger Mill Creek 
  • Design of a structure for Wildcat Way over the Military Ridge State Trail 
  • Retrofitting the existing traffic signal for the West Verona Avenue & West End Circle intersection 
  • Designing a new traffic signal for the West Verona Avenue & Nine Mound Road intersection with decorative signal equipment 
  • Evaluating and designing the traffic signal infrastructure for the West End Circle & Connector Road B-B intersection, including future ADA compliant sidewalk and crosswalk placement 
  • Providing a traffic signal communication system to allow for traffic progression and remote access to signal control equipment 
  • Creating a decorative corridor street lighting with a dimming system, pedestrian tunnel lighting, and a fiber optic communication system. 

The project design was completed within an expedited Schedule – the Public infrastructure design was completed in under 6 months to meet the schools opening date 

The developed design met the needs of the school district, City of Verona, and met Wisconsin Department of Transportation standards. 


Project Details

Client:Verona Area School District (VASD)

City of Verona
Eric Schulz,
Assistant Public Works Director
Location:Verona, Wisconsin
Limits:162 Acre Parcel
Details:November 2018 – October 2020
Construction Completed: July 2020
KL Contact:Chad Halverson, PE

Project Elements

  • Field Survey
  • Preliminary & Final Structure Design
  • Single Span Prestressed Girder Bridge
  • Pedestrian Underpass for State Trail
  • Cast-in-place Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Lighting Design