US 18/151 Freeway Conversion


For the past 7 years, KL Engineering has performed ‘on-call’ services in three WisDOT Regions in the state. The surveys have included urban and rural reconstruction projects, roadway culvert replacements, structure surveys for structure replacement projects and aerial target monumentation for planimetric mapping.

Project Details

Client: Nate Day, Planner, SEH
WisDOT SW Region (as sub to SEH)
Limits: SW, SE, NW RegionsWisconsin
Dates: July 2016 – October 2016
KL Contact: Gerry Schmitt

Project Elements

  • Research Public Land Surveyor System (PLSS) to identify 95 Dane & Iowa County monuments in the corridor
  • Field locate 95 PLSS Monuments
  • Reset and replace 10 missing PLSS monuments
  • Supplemental topographic survey for 19.6 miles, 3 interchanges, 9 overpass structures
  • Property line survey for 240 parcels in Dane and Iowa County