STH 85 Rock Creek Bridge

Construction Oversight | Bridge Replacement

STH 85 Rock Creek Bridge in Village of Rock Falls, Wisconsin

This project delivered a high quality dam removal and bridge replacement on STH 85 over Rock Creek in Dunn County, Wisconsin. KL Engineering provided construction oversight for the project, which required close coordination with Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the contractor.

This project was the first WisDOT let highway project to include a DNR funded dam removal. The lake drain down and dam removal was highly environmentally sensitive, with keen interest, restrictions, and coordination with DNR to protect Rock Creek from sediment and turbidity leaving the project limits. The contractor met all the expectations of both departments to protect the resource during construction.  They were quick and flexible to adjust their operations and methods to ensure compliance in the changing conditions. The contractor’s extraordinary efforts resulted in no sediment releases due to erosion, even with numerous significant rain events.

The new bridge had technical challenges and details that the contractor and WisDOT’s staff worked through cooperatively to deliver an exceptional finished product within the time frame in the contract. The contractor put extra focus on coordination of subcontractors and scheduling their staff, which resulted in a finished product that provides a significant improvement to Rock Creek and STH 85 through the Village of Rock Falls.

2021 WisDOT Outstanding Highway Construction Award Winner – Small Structure

Project Details

Client:WisDOT NW Region (Eau Claire)
Tyler Rongstad, Project Supervisor
Location:Dunn County, Wisconsin
Rock Creek Bridge B-17-0226
Limits:Durand – Eau Claire
Service Dates:May 2021 – October 2021
Construction:2021 | $2.1 million
WisDOT ID:7120-07-74

Project Elements

  • Lake Drain Down
  • Existing Bridge Removal
  • Staged Stream Diversion
  • Phased Dam Removal
  • Extensive Erosion Control
  • Construction of Structure B-17-0226
  • STH 85 Bridge Approaches
  • Village Park Area Restoration