North Fish Hatchery Road (CTH D) Structures

Structures – Design & Construction

KL Engineering completed the design and is overseeing the construction of this 1.5-mile reconstruction project along North Fish Hatchery Road between CTH PD and the Madison West Beltline Highway (USH 12/18). This 4-lane divided roadway with AADT of 28,000 has dense commercial and residential uses throughout much of the corridor.

The project included an urban multi-modal path along the roadway. Large block gravity retaining walls were designed along the edge of the path. A post and panel wall was required along one section where commercial buildings were located close to the path. The cast in place facing on this wall was designed to mimic the pattern of the other wall sections to provide continuity throughout the corridor. Decorative railings and City logos were added as additional aesthetic enhancements.

A prefabricated steel pedestrian truss was designed along a new alignment over Nine Springs Creek to improve user safety and to provide a scenic view of the adjacent golf course.     

Project Details

Client: City of Fitchburg
Bill Balke
Director of Public Works / City Engineer
Location: Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Dane County
Limits: USH 12/18 Beltline to CTH PD
(1.9 miles)
Details: April 2020 – May 2022
KL Contact: Chad Halverson

Project Elements

  • 6 Retaining Walls
  • 1,390 Linear Feet of Large Block Gravity Walls
  • 460 Linear Feet of Post & Panel Wall with Cast in Place Facing
  • 70-foot Span Prefabricated Steel Truss Pedestrian Bridge
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Nine Springs Creek