Dunn Property

Site Design – Planning & Design

Looking North over the Dunn Property in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

KL Engineering completed site planning and stormwater management for the Dunn Property along Seminole Highway in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Sub-Zero Parkway, a newly constructed roadway, divides the Dunn Property into 2 lots. A Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) established the framework for the 95‐acre project area. An amendment to the CDP was prepared, seeking approval of a 2-lot Certified Survey Map (CSM). The CDP amendment discussed differences in the proposed development with the approved CDP and addressed City staff concerns. The CDP amendment was approved by the City Common Council and allowed for the CSM to be recorded.

A mapped environmental corridor existing on the central portion of the northern lot. The location of the environmental corridor hindered development of this lot. As a condition of the CSM approval, a stormwater management plan was developed to relocate the low area to an outlot. This change was approved by the county regional zoning commission.

Project Details

Client:Phil Sveum
Coldwell Banker Success
Limits:North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood in Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Dates:August – October 2018
KL Contact:Bill Biesmann, PE

Project Elements

  • Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Regional Planning with Capital Area Regional Plan Commission (CARPC) Coordination
  • Environmental Corridor Change
  • Roadway Design