Cumberland USH 63 Intersection Study


The intersection of USH 63, STH 48, and 2nd Avenue is located at the center of Cumberland, WI where traffic takes a 90-degree turn into the downtown business district for the vibrant Northwoods community. USH 63 is a key recreational route for weekend travelers to northern destinations, especially on holiday weekends when the community routinely experiences miles-long backups that persist for hours.

KL Engineering is completing a comprehensive traffic and intersection study focused on developing alternatives to improve traffic flow and mobility at the USH 63 intersection. Initial data collection included an extensive deployment that captured turning movement volumes, backup demand, re-routed traffic movements, and used a drone to capture detailed images of the heavy traffic flows over the 4th of July weekend. Extensive traffic modeling of 6 different intersection alternatives, including simulations was completed and used to evaluate the effectiveness of each alternative’s ability to manage traffic demand during the summer months.

Recommendations will include 1-2 viable intersection design concepts, construction estimates, project impacts summary, and technical documentation to be considered for a future project phase. 

Project Details

Client: Marc Bowker, Project Manager
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Location: Cumberland, Wisconsin
Details: 2020 – Present
KL Contact: Mike Scarmon

City Projects

  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Traffic Safety Analysis
  • Traffic Demand Analysis
  • Intersection Alternatives
  • Roundabout Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Alternate Route Evaluation
  • Drone Traffic Survey
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Feasibility Analysis