Alicia Park | City of Appleton

Type: Lighting
Client: City of Appleton
KL’s Role: Prime Consultant
Location: Outagamie County, Wisconsin
Limits: Alicia Park
Length: NA
Design Complete: September 2017
Construction Complete: December 2017
Construction Cost: $71,000

Engineering Elements

  • Parking Lot & Pathway Lighting
  • Illumination Modeling
  • Lighting Plan & Specification Development
  • Utility Coordination
  • Electrical Service Relocation
  • Project Advertisement
  • Construction Oversight

KL Engineering facilitated the reconstruction of Alicia Park in the City of Appleton, Outagamie County. KL Engineering completed all aspects of the project including the lighting plan and specification development, utility coordination, project advertisement, and construction oversight.

The parking lot and multi-use pathway were reconstructed and all existing lighting was removed. KL Engineering worked with the City to develop a standard light fixture that portrays a modern nautical theme to be used for the entire river walk trail system. KL Engineering also coordinated with the local electric utility to provide a new underground service in place of the existing overhead lines.

Illumination modeling was preformed and the lighting was designed to meet IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) standards for public spaces and pathways. Lights were specifically located to provide illumination to the playground, as well as the pathway and parking lot. Parking lot lights were installed on concrete bases extending 3’ above grade to minimize collateral damage from inattentive drivers and snow plows.

Project construction began in November 2017 and was completed in December 2017.

Construction cost: $71,000



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