STH 26, Watertown

Expertise: Surveying and Mapping

Wisconsin Height Modernization Program – Geodetic Leveling, Southwestern Wisconsin

KL Engineering conducted geodetic leveling and GPS survey statewide through the State of Wisconsin’s Height Modernization Program.

Differential leveling via a series of steps is used to measure the vertical difference between adjacent benchmarks, averaging 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) apart. The work included using electronic leveling equipment (Trimble DiNi 12) with the aid of All Terrain Vehicles. The survey crew followed FGCS 2nd Order – Class 1 specifications. Our crew was responsible for all aspects of the field operations. This included planning (station recovery notes and pictures), leveling and downloading data.

The survey crew conducted static GPS observations for Primary, Secondary and Local monuments. The survey crew followed NOAA Guidelines for Establishing GPS Derived Ellipsoidal Height. The work consisted of multiple occupations of stations on different days for 5.5 or 1 hour sessions. All the GPS data was recorded and submitted digitally.

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