USH 51 Albion

Transportation Design: Intersections

USH 51 Albion Rd - Haugen Rd, Dane County

KL Engineering was the prime consultant under a work order contract with WisDOT for the design of improvements to the intersection of USH 51 and Albion Road/Haugen Road in Dane County. The project included reconstruction of a high-speed rural intersection of two two-lane highways. USH 51 was reconstructed for a total of ½ miles which included the intersections of Albion Road/Haugen Road and IH 39/90 southbound off ramps.

A key issue of the project was to construct the improvements entirely within the existing right of way. In addition, the intersection improvements were designed to provide slotted “zero-offset” left turn bays for increased safety. KL Engineering completed all aspects of the project including plan development, drainage and storm sewer design, environmental documentation, public involvement, traffic signal design, and PS&E submittal. The project was completed in just 8 months with a very aggressive schedule. This project was constructed in the summer of 2009.

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