USH 41 Peshtigo

Transportation Design: Expressway/Freeway

USH 41 Peshtigo Bypass, Marinette County

After receiving the 60% plan set from WisDOT, KL Engineering completed the final design and PS&E package of the expansion of USH 41 around the City of Peshtigo. The project expanded 5.2 miles of USH 41 from a two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane freeway. This segment of USH 41 was constructed on new alignment to bypass the City of Peshtigo and includes interchanges on the west and east sides of Peshtigo.

Two PS&E packages were delivered for the project. KL Engineering performed utility coordination, railroad coordination and construction staging for the Oconto Bypass as a subconsultant. In addition, KL Engineering coordinated the overall construction staging of the 6 separate PS&Es on the entire 20 mile USH 41 expansion project with 2 other consulting firms and WisDOT NE Region.

Construction of this $47 million project was completed in 2009.

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